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Modelio screenshots

Getting you off to the best possible start

Take a quick tour of some of Modelio’s numerous edition capacities and configurations

Modelio provides a wide range of diagrams, with many edition configurations depending on end-user preferences.

Each screenshot shows Modelio in a different state or being used for a different purpose, and once you’ve seen them all, you’ll be amazed by the versatility of this cutting-edge tool. To see a screenshot in large format, simply double-click on it.

You can also watch our video tutorials where you can see Modelio in action.


Screenshot of a UML Class diagram

Class diagrams

Screenshot of a UML Sequence diagram

Sequence diagrams

Screenshot of a UML State diagram

State diagrams

Screenshot of a UML Activity diagram

Activity diagrams

Screenshot of an Impact analysis diagram

Impact analysis diagrams

Screenshot of document generation example

Generating documentation

UML2 to Java code generation example

UML2 to Java code generation

Enterprise Architecture and BPMN example

Essential business entity modeling (EA-BPM Modeler)

Business Process overview

Business process overview (EA-BPM Modeler)

Enterprise organization modeling example

Enterprise organization modeling (EA-BPM Modeler)

Role and responsibility modeling (EA-BPM Modeler)

Business process modeling example

Business process modeling – BPMN (EA-BPM Modeler)

Business flows, events, traceability
(EA-BPM Modeler)

Geographical deployment modeling – BPMN
(EA-BPM Modeler)

Hardware deployment modeling
(SOA Architect)

Service component and service assembly modeling
(SOA Architect)