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Modelio video tutorials

Getting you off to the best possible start

Become a Modelio expert in just a few minutes

What could be better when starting work with a new tool than to see it in action?

This series of video tutorials will introduce you to some of the main features of Modelio, helping you get the most out of this powerful and versatile tool.

Each tutorial can be read separately, but for beginners we recommend you watch the series in order.


1 – Creating your first project (1mn22s)

Learn how to create a Modelio project and discover the main features of the main window.


2 – Creating model elements (2mn 16s)

Elements can be created either in Modelio diagrams or in the UML Model Navigator view. This tutorial covers both techniques.


3 – Advanced features of the UML View (5mn 15s)

How can I fully exploit the UML view, you ask. The answer’s right here.


4 – Using the UML Properties view (7mn 00s)

This magic view provides loads of facilities and goodies worth checking out.


5 – Adding and editing notes, tagged values and stereotypes (3mn 40s)

What is a UML model worth without its annotations? This tutorial is a must.


6 – Using the Fast Link Editor (3mn 25s)

Discover why we named it the FAST link editor. You’ll be asking for more.


7 – Going further in diagrams (3mn 42s)

Modelio diagrams provide a host of nice features. Want to see them?


8 – The Fast Search tool (3mn 10s)

Need more speed? The Fast Search tool is for you.


9 – Documentation generation (3mn 00s)

Modelio features a powerful documentation generator. Learn how to use it here.


10 – XMI Import (1mn 20s)

Modelio provides an XMI import utility. Check it out.


11 – Model-driven development in Java with Modelio

Part 1 - Model creation, Java generation and the roundtrip mode with Modelio Java Designer (~8 minutes)

Part 2 - Example of a sequence diagram, and using Modelio in conjunction with Eclipse to run and debug Java applications in Eclipse (~5 minutes)


12 – Modelio MDA capacities (4mn 06s)

Find out more about Modelio's MDA capacities, including PIM->PSM, PSM1->PSM2, PSM1->PSM2 iteration, incremental PSM and PSM->code model transformations, and much more.


13 – Modelio MDA Designer - Basic level (1mn 39s)

Find out how to quickly create stereotypes.


14 – Modelio MDA Designer - Advanced level (2mn 25s)

Discover how to create different types of tagged value and note.


15 – Modelio MDA Designer - Expert level (7mn 45s)

Learn how to create commands in Java using MDA Designer.


16 – Creating and running Jython macros (2mn 31s)

Find out how to create and run Jython macros (scripts that can be immediately run).


17 – Pattern Designer in action (3mn 45s)

Find out how to define patterns with UML models, and how to apply patterns to create instanciated models.