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Two editions for different needs and budgets

Modelio Free Edition Modelio Enterprise Edition

Features Free Enterprise
OMG Standard
UML2 yes yes
BPMN yes yes
XMI 2.1 Import yes yes
XMI 2.1 Export yes yes
Modeling extensions
Enterprise Architecture yes yes
Requirements Management yes
Goal Analysis yes
Dictionary Definition yes
MDA - Other extensions
UML Profile Definition yes
MDA Module Creation yes
Metamodel Access & Model Transformation yes
Model-driven generators
Java yes
C++ yes
C# yes
Hibernate yes
XSD yes
Documentation in MS-Word or HTML format yes yes
Documentation Customization yes
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Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio Enterprise Edition is dedicated to professional modeling and development activities. It supports project sharing, MDA customization, XMI import and export and can be extended through a wide range of modules covering the entire life-cycle of technical or business systems or software.

Depending on your chosen configuration, Modelio Enterprise Edition can support requirement analysis, goal analysis, dictionary definition, business rule analysis, teamwork and configuration/version management, model-driven code generation, document generation with a large set of predefined templates and any other MDA extensions that you define.

Modelio Enterprise Edition is a highly efficient tool, capable of managing teamwork on large-scale models by large-scale teams.  It provides a mechanism used to organize teams, their workspaces and their cooperation. Floating licenses are available for Modelio Enterprise Edition.

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Modelio Free Edition

Modelio Free Edition is a complete, unlimited modeling tool that can be used for personal or professional projects. It provides an HTML or Word documentation generation feature, and also includes an XMI import/export service.

Modelio Free Edition provides complete support of UML2 modeling, as well as support of Enterprise Architecture modeling, BPM modeling and SOA modeling.

Modelio Free Edition is a single-user tool that cannot be extended through additional modules. It does not support project sharing.

Modelio Free Edition can be downloaded completely free of charge.