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Modeling with Modelio

The most comfortable, flexible and professional modeling tool

Key features

  • Complete UML2 support
  • Integrated support of Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modeling1
  • Integrated BPMN support1
  • SOA architecture modeling2
  • Integrated MDA technology, (model transformation, code generation, modeling extensions, ...)3
  • Integrated goal analysis, requirement analysis, business rule and dictionary definition4
  • Dynamic and customizable model consistency checks
  • Customizable and extendable to fit your needs3
  • Integrated traceability management (dedicated graphical editor)
  • "Smart modeling" interactive modeling assistance
  • Language, methodology and platform-independent
Modelio Modeler


1 Using the free Modelio EA-BPM Modeler module
2 Using the free Modelio SOA Architect module
3 Using the extension and MDA features provided by Modelio Enterprise Edition
4 Using the dedicated modules in Modelio Enterprise Edition

With Modelio, your models are so much more than just drawings

Because a model is not just a drawing, Modelio applies more than 280 consistency checks to your models, guaranteeing permanent consistency and traceability.

Whatever your role and domain (business owner, IT service provider, designer, analyst, developer, architect, …), whatever your approach and your technical targets, you can easily transform Modelio into a tool dedicated to your own specific context, simply by adding the modules of your choice.

The flexibility of Modelio’s graphical editors makes it easy to create, associate, connect, embed, organize and handle model elements. And that’s not all... Modelio’s semantic graphical editors will interactively guide and assist you, helping you build the best models possible.

The Fast Link Editor, a graphical editor dedicated to viewing and editing links, lets you quickly create traceability, use and inheritance links through a simple drag and drop, and provides an easy means of viewing and browsing elements.

Graphical settings are used to predefine how you want to present your UML models. Modelio’s "templates" are veritable modeling style sheets that you can then share with other users to federate preferences…

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