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Modelio SOA Architect

SOA Architecture modeling made simple

Key features

  • SOA architecture modeling
  • EA, BPM and SOA integration for enterprise-wide models (Business to IT)
  • Architecture diagrams
  • Message diagrams
  • Habilitation diagrams
  • Component diagrams
  • Hardware architecture diagrams
  • IS deployment diagrams
  • Documentation generation in HTML or Word formats
  • Traceability edition and management



Modelio SOA Architect

Organize and relate your IS architecture to your business and organization

Modelio SOA Architect complements Modelio EA-BPM Modeler, enabling you to model IS architecture from a high view as is or as it will be in SOA style, and to model IS deployment on hardware architecture. It represents the bridge between business models and software architecture models (UML).

Information system components and their relationships can be modeled in Modelio SOA Architect. The existing IS (applications, repositories, connections and flows) is organized into systems/sub-systems, and the target IS can be modeled using an SOA-based approach: systems, service components, required/provided services, messages, component assemblies can all be modeled.

Hardware architecture and the deployment of the applications, repositories, components and systems can also be modeled.

Modelio SOA Architect

Modelio SOA Architect for Modelio Free Edition

Modelio SOA Architect is provided as standard with Modelio Free Edition

Modelio SOA Architect for Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio SOA Architect is available as a free add-on for Modelio Enterprise Edition