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Modelio Modeler

Efficient, extendable and productive modeling

Key features

  • Complete UML2, BPMN and EA modeling support
  • Ergonomic and familiar GUI (RCP/Eclipse-based)
  • Modeling wizards (intelligent drag&drop, smart element creation, complex element capture)
  • Smart element referencing mechanism (text completion, "direct click" referencing)
  • More than 280 real-time, customizable* consistency checks
  • Extendable* through "off the shelf" or bespoke modules
  • MDA support*, from basic to expert (open metamodel access, rich Java API for customization, ...)
  • Integrated scripting language (Jython) support, for online requests, small scripts and macro definition
  • Integrated traceability management (dedicated graphical editor)
  • Hyperlink support for easy diagram navigation
Modelio Modeler

Modelio enables productive, quality modeling

Far more than just a graphical tool, Modelio provides several features that ensure the permanent consistency of your models. Semantic editors prohibit invalid modeling features, smart interactors provide the most likely element creation result where tricky choices exist, and wizards help you create complex elements. Modelio also runs more than 280 customizable consistency checks on your models in real-time, to guarantee model quality.

Traceability is supported through dedicated editors. Modelio helps you edit traceability graphs, browse among these graphs and create new trace links.

Modelio is an easily extendable tool. Just choose the modules that best suit your context or implement your own extensions using Modelio's MDA features, and you will obtain a bespoke modeling environment that will improve team productivity and development quality.

Quality modeling with Modelio Modeler