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Modelio EA-BPM Modeler

Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modeling made simple

Key features

  • Enterprise Architecture modeling: business, organization, roles, geographical distribution, business processes
  • Business Process Modeling, using BPMN
  • Business event and business flow modeling
  • EA, BPM and SOA integration for enterprise-wide models (Business to IT)
  • EA/BPM documentation generation in HTML or Word formats
  • Traceability edition and management
  • Business overview and semantic diagrams
  • Business object state diagrams
  • Business process overview diagrams
  • Organization diagrams and role diagrams
  • Geographical enterprise distribution diagrams



Modelio EA-BPM Modeler

Model your business and organization

So what’s the point of modeling your business and organization? Quite simply, to define how your enterprise is organized, its business, roles, business processes, business events, business flows and geographical distribution, in order to provide a model that can be re-used for IS architecture and modeling implementation.

Modelio EA-BPM Modeler provides comprehensive support of Enterprise Architecture modeling, including Business Process Modeling, based on underlying standards (UML, BPMN) and EA-dedicated extensions. The model is separated into viewpoints, where each stakeholder can work on dedicated models that are easily to handle and understand.

The integration of EA, BPMN and UML means there is one single model repository for the enterprise, where traceability can be exhaustively managed. Overall consistency between each enterprise stakeholder or participant‘s view ensures improved Business/Information System alignment.
Modelio EA-BPM Modeler

Modelio EA-BPM Modeler for Modelio Free Edition

Modelio EA-BPM Modeler is provided as standard with Modelio Free Edition

Modelio EA-BPM Modeler for Modelio Enterprise Edition

Modelio EA-BPM Modeler is available as a free add-on for Modelio Enterprise Edition


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