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Modelio C++ Designer

Boost your C++ productivity and quality with Modelio and UML

Key features

  • High quality C++ code generation from UML2 models
  • Model-driven generation: permanent code-model consistency
  • Support of UML2 and the entire C++ standard
  • C++ dedicated ergonomics, code previewing
  • Dynamic C++ modeling assistance, support of patterns
  • Smart, automatic C++ accessor production and synchronization at model level
  • RCP/Eclipse-style project file structure
  • Native coupling with Eclipse
  • Support of the standard STL and MFC libraries (other libraries customizable)
  • Complete customization of C++ code generation for specific frameworks
  • Work with any IDE, with code-model consistency permanently guaranteed
  • Production line generation (makefile generation)
  • Dedicated C++ teamwork management (C++ model components)
  • Reverse engineering of existing C++ applications
  • Doxygen documentation generation
C++ Designer in action

C++ expertise with Modelio for optimum C++ code

C++ is a particularly complex language requiring a high level of expertise. Modelio C++ Designer systematizes C++ expertise and ensures the overall quality of the code produced, as well as guaranteeing permanent code-model consistency. The complex management of includes, pointers, parameter passing modes or encapsulation are examples of tasks managed by Modelio.

With Modelio, C++ programming becomes intuitive through dynamic assistance, the construction of UML models for C++, and systematized expertise in generated code and the use of appropriate libraries.

C++ Designer Property Box

Teamwork with Modelio C++ Designer

Modelio makes teamwork easy, through a C++-dedicated group work management service. Model parts (model components) can be exchanged between different teams, together with the elements necessary to their use in C++ (includes, libraries), with dedicated support of version management, access rights and group work.

From a wizard used to define projects and generation targets, as well as all the necessary generation options, Modelio determines the target application, its breakdown into binaries, libraries and executables, and its production options, and automatically generates the code production process (makefiles).

Customization for your needs...

Modelio customization services make it easy to adapt C++ code generation rules to the needs, preferences, constraints and generation extensions of specific frameworks.