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Our story

Created by SOFTEAM (www.softeam.com), Modeliosoft is the result of 20 years of experience in OO modeling, methodology, model-driven development and case tool architecture.

Modelio is based on the architecture of Objecteering (see www.objecteering.com), a modeling tool that's been at the cutting edge of innovation and model-driven development for 20 years:

  • 1991: Launch of Objecteering, supporting OO modeling and C++ model-driven development.
  • 1996: Objecteering supports the "hypergenericity" technique, the precursor of MDA.
  • 2001: Objecteering introduces the UML Profile Builder tool, making it the first tool to support MDA for UML through the profile technique.
  • 2002: Objecteering releases the "Requirement Analysis" module, providing support of requirement analysis integrated into a UML modeling tool.
  • 2008: Objecteering presents the Objecteering SOA Solution, thereby covering the entire modeling scope in a single tool.

Modelio has been designed to make modeling a pleasure, through its efficient ergonomy, its built-in consistency checks, its internal MDA capacities and its model management features supporting the organization of large-scale models for large teams.

Modelio brings you all the modeling and development expertise you need, enabling you to produce top quality models, code and documentation that we at Modeliosoft believe to be at the very cutting edge of the field.

Based in Paris, France, Modeliosoft provides training and consulting in EA, BPM, IS, software modeling and MDA tool customization, to adapt Modelio to your specific context and organization.

Its international support team and its network of partners can help make your project a success throughout the world.

Modeliosoft belongs to the SOFTEAM group and has its headquarters at the same address, 21 avenue Victor Hugo, 75106 PARIS, France.